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Guide your country to victory with this World War II game! Paradox’s most beloved casual series returns to Windows, Mac and Linux with the latest version, the heart of Iron IV. As in previous games, players took on a national role during World War II, controlling not only military units, but also scientific, political and economic research. Although the game shows many historical details, at the moment the story should not remain the same.

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A complex strategic structure makes this long-awaited game frustrating. The Iron IV hearts of the game could begin in 1936, with Asia already at war and Europe on the verge, or in 1939, when the world war begins. Beginning in 1936, it allows players to boost their country’s economy and prepare for the coming war, while the start date is 1939 for players who want to be arrested immediately. Players can choose from any nation involved in the conflict, from superpowers like Germany, America and the Soviet Union to unknown warriors like Abyssinia, Estonia or Brazil.
Winning requires careful planning and attention to detail; players must not mobilize their forces, planes and air units, but manage economic and political policies through a system of maps and menus.

The battle for greatness
The souls of the Iron IV world have more than 10,000 locations, whether land, sea or air; The sessions will affect the climate and the climate, as well as the day and night cycles. This little strategic note means that the battle in this game is similar to your real-world counterparts; For example, during the war, the role of time was important.
But war is not just about where you put your tanks and planes; it’s also about how you build it and move forward. Following the political and economic systems of the game will help your forces fight longer and more effectively. The main economic and political plans take the form of trees to be considered, political plans that determine the entire direction of the country. Large countries like Britain or Germany have their own focus tree.
Paradox has a strong history of supporting its downloadable games, and the launch of HoI IV includes the expansion of DLC, Poland: United and Ready, which adds new models and images of leaders to Poland, in addition to a new unique tree of Polish.

That’s it Want to win?
As with most Paradox strategy games, Souls of Iron IV is not a game that deserves only a quarter of the disappointment – certainly not, certainly. But spend time on it, and your flexibility and integrity will start to impress you. If you like the idea of ​​a complete WWII alternative story – and if you have time to relax – this game is worth checking out.

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